Monday, October 27, 2014

Teething Troubles

Being a first time mom I could have sworn Hunter was teething for the past three months, (which is probably true to some extent) but still no tooth! Lately I am pretty positive that that tooth is coming through any day now. His gums are very bumpy and swollen, and my usually happy baby is irritable and having sleep troubles.

What we do to manage the teething blues!!

1) Chew chew chew !

 I give Hunter something to chew on at all times. It could be the Sophie giraffe (most popular and probably expensive teething toy), something cold like a wet washcloth or one of those mesh toys with an ice cube in them.

2) Gum massage

I wash my hands and take  my pinky finger and gently massage the gums where his teeth are coming in. I know he's in pain if he lets me do this longer than 2 minutes!

3) Distraction

Sometimes baby just needs a distraction from the pain. Go for a walk, try a new toy, play date, or nice warm bubble bath.

4) Amber teething necklace

I was interested in trying these because I know some people swear by them! Silly me at first I thought the baby was supposed to chew on the necklace, but they're actually just supposed to wear it! Make sure the necklace maintains contact with their skin at all times. I purchased the raw unpolished amber necklace for the most effectiveness. I really think it helps! Well, it couldn't hurt right?

5) Medication

I have given Hunter Tylenol once or twice only at night he's having a really hard time. Since he is such a good sleeper I can tell when there something bothering him and he needs a little relief. I only give him half dose since he doesn't have it that often and that seems to do the trick. I know some people really like the highlands teething tabs but I have yet to try them, some of the research I did made me a little uneasy, but they work for a lot of people so do what's best for your family!

Those little teeth are literally a pain but another part of your babies development. Hang in there! Xoxo-B


  1. What negitive info did you find with the teething tabs?

    1. Hi Ash! Good question!

      The info I found was from the FDA website stating that Hyland’s Teething Tablets is being recalled because the tablets may pose a risk to children. The tablets are manufactured to contain a small amount of belladonna, a substance that can cause serious harm at larger doses. It recommends discontinuing the use if they have already been given to children, and lists potential harmful symptoms from its usage.

      That being said I know very many people who have used them and have not had problems, but I have not tried them.

      Here's where you can read more about the recall: