Monday, October 27, 2014

Baby Activities: 6 months old

Being home most of the day means a lot of free time, so I wanted to compile a list of activities that I like to accomplish during the day to make sure Hunter is getting enough stimulation in his little world! Here are a few things we do, hopefully your baby will enjoy them too!

1) Tummy time

Oh yes, tummy time still continues while Hunter is learning to crawl. I try to place toys almost within his reach so that he can stretch his body and scoot towards it. He pushes up and rolls across the entire room now which is fun. We practice this multiple times a day so that he can build the strength in his upper body. 

2) Upright time

I like for Hunter to spend about 20 minutes working on strengthening his leg muscles each day. He loves his standing activity center and jumps around the whole time. The pediatrician said to stick to 1 hour max in any of the activity centers so we set a timer and spread out his hour throughout the day in 15 minute increments. This is helpful since the activity center is in our kitchen it gives me time to cook and wash dishes!

3) Sitting time

Sitting unsupported is another milestone that happens around six or seven months. So I try to give Hunter all the opportunity to be able to sit on his own. He is pretty good but still needs some help not falling backwards. When he was just starting out being able to sit, I would use the Highchair or Bumbo so that he could get used to sitting up and playing with his toys, he loved that.

4) Fresh air

Getting outside is very important for baby! But it is hard to do in the summertime in Arizona. You may experience it's in the wintertime where you live! Regardless, if you can it is great to get out and get some fresh air for both you and baby. We recently joined stroller strides and get out every day for an hour, I get a workout he gets fresh air! Win win!

5) Independent play

I try to set aside 20 minutes a day so Hunter can have independent playtime. This is actually the hardest one for me to get in! I love watching him explore and learn. And since he is rolling I have to keep my eyes on him every second! But I know it's important for him to entertain himself... so he lays on the floor with his toys all around him and rolls around, plays, talks etc. 

6) Errands

Of course errands are a must so I try to work that in during the time that Hunter is awake so it does not mess with his naps. If I'm running a lot of errands I put him in the ergo baby carrier so he can get a change of scenery.

7) Baby to Baby interaction

I just recently learned the importance of baby to baby interaction. You think since they are so young they don't really understand but when Hunter was at swim class he was interacting with all the little babies, smiling, watching them. It was cute! I think it's good for him to have exposure to other kids! Free activity like Library story time are great for this!

8) Mental Stimulation

Take time for baby to exercise his brain too. I try to read a couple books a day (even though he mostly chews on them) or sing along to some music (he loves when I play the xylophone for him). Count, teach & let baby explore new shapes and textures!

9) Floor time with mommy & daddy

One of my favorite things to do with Hunter. Since he is rolling it's like a whole new game! So we roll around with him, cuddle, play, encourage crawling etc. 

10) Bath time

Can be fun, not just for scrubbing the day away! Add lots of bubbles and toys and sing a little tune! I sing the same song every time Hunter gets a bath, he actually smiles and gets excited when I start singing it now. "Let's take a bath, Let's take a bath! We play all day inside this place, and we don't stop to wipe your face, so let's take a bath!" What silly things we do for our babes right? ;)

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