Friday, October 9, 2015

The BEST baby gear for your baby's FIRST year

Looking back here are some things we couldn't live without during Hunter's first year of life!

1  Ergo baby carrier: Get this new updated 360 version--|CLICK HERE|
Hunter LOVED being held close, it was so soothing for that fussy 5-7pm time at home, and I was able to have 2 hands free to prepare dinner, score! Throw this baby in your diaper bag for easy grocery shopping too…no more pushing baby in the cart and running out of room for food!

2  Exercise ball. YEP! this was a LIFESAVER! Use this size to save your back-- |CLICK HERE|
The Bouncing motion is so soothing for baby, just like in the womb! This was hands down better than a rocking chair…and it's a great workout for your bum while you bounce.

3  Quality Stroller like the Bob (or another GREAT quality stroller). This is my favorite version-- |CLICK HERE|
I have used other strollers and the ease of these tires makes getting around so convenient!

4  Video Monitor. It is SO worth it to pay the extra to be able to SEE what baby is doing--|CLICK HERE|
We had quite the scare around Hunters first birthday, he had a febrile seizure. (more about that in a different post). The noise alerted me, but the fact that I was able to see what was happening in the video made me rush in there, rather than waiting to see if I could here him stop fussing. This monitor was truly a lifesaver.

5  Baby Activity Seat. I highly recommend this Baby Einstein version-- |CLICK HERE|
Hunter LOVED this! The great thing is he was getting exercise while staying stationary.

6  Infant gas drops, save by buying online-- |CLICK HERE|
My little guy had such terrible gas, and even though he was exclusively breastfed, and I changed my diet as much as possible, the gas persisted! So the doctor advised he received gas drops before each feeding. They work only in babies GI track, so there is no neurolgical side effects from using this too often. These work wonders!

7  Baby Bath Sling, the easiest way to clean baby in the sink-- |CLICK HERE|
This compact light little number works well in my kitchen sink, and supports baby's head! I used this until Hunter was almost 6 months!

8  Breast pump--|CLICK HERE|
You should be able to contact your health insurance provider to cover some, if not ALL the cost of your breast pump! There are MANY options out there, but I highly suggest that you get a pump if you are nursing, even if you don't "plan" on pumping, pumping is a great way to check your milk supply output!

9  White Noise Sound NEED this! --|CLICK HERE|
My entire family uses this machine! Baby loves it because it reminds them of the soothing sound from being in the womb. It also blocks out any noise that could cause sleep disruptions (dog, alarm, other siblings)

10  Car Seat Mirror…see baby while you drive--|CLICK HERE|
This pivot mirror works well, at all different angels for a clear view of your little one.