Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What I learned from my lactation consultation!

With my milk supply issues I decided it would be best to meet with a lactation consultant. Luckily, my pediatricians office has a lactation expert who is a medical doctor within the practice. This was such a blessing because that doctor sat down with Hunters primary care pediatrician so that he could give the lactation specialist Hunter's medical history (reflux, feeding issues etc).

I spent a lot of time researching breastfeeding and on how to boost milk supply. Most of the tips I came across I already had heard before: Be sure you are drinking enough water, getting plenty of rest, nursing frequently, making sure the baby is emptying the breast completely before switching, etc. 

But here are a few things that I was taught when I visited the lactation doctor:

1) A proper latch is crucial to a successful feed. Listen for baby swallows to ensure he is getting milk (this may take a minute or so for your milk to let down).

2) 3-5 months is a common time for moms milk supply to decrease because baby is starting to sleep longer or possibly sleeping through the night.

3) Hand expressing is much more effective at getting milk than using a pump (baby is best).. This is difficult for me but you may have better luck! 

4) The timing of pumping or hand expressing is important. If after baby finishes eating you pump and get some milk out, then that time frame should work for you. But if you are like me and are practically empty after baby eats, wait an hour before pumping or hand expressing. Do this only for 5-10 minutes, that way there can be a fuller supply when baby is ready to eat again at 2.5-3.5 hours. 

5) Progestogen only pill (POP) for birth control CAN affect milk supply. 

6) Fenugreek, mothers milk tea, mothers love all can help in increasing milk supply

7) Breast implants CAN affect milk supply, regardless of positioning. Although, if the surgery insertion was done around the nipple this can cause a bigger negative impact. 

8) Ovulation starting again can affect supply. 

This things are very eye-opening to me, so I made the necessary adjustments and I hope it works to increase my supply.

Please share any other tips you've learned on your breast feeding journey! Xoxo-B

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